Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post #14

Problem: Seniority Distraction
Solution: This is the way it dictates the way schools operate. Albert Shanker wants the best for each student. He's using "knowledge base" and "formal set of peer relationship." He also wants to use "national teacher examination" to test the knowledge of each lawyer and doctor. Lastly, he would require "supervised internships of from one to three years" to evaluate the performance of prospective teachers.

Problem: Radical Change
Solution: Shanker wanted the teachers to have their own board to police profession. It is used to establish standards and providing mechanism for removing incompetent teachers. Teachers would also be subjected into merit based careers ladders and would be promoted based on speciality exams.

Problem: Pick from the best
Solution: Picking academic trained for prospective teachers, new way to change recruiting teachers, and change how to reward teachers.

http://teachers.netI have to say I agree with Seniority Distraction. It runs the school. They have a lot amount of time to work on things. Teachers have to work hard to get where they're today. It's not fair for others that are  just sitting there and not do anything about it.

Radical Change has come to play an important part. I feel like its judging the education majors, saying we can not do anything that put our minds to it. This problem will find a solution. Shanker would treat the teachers like an old fashioned factory.

I can absolutely agree with picking from the best. Nowadays it is hard to chose the right teacher for the job. Some people are only taking up the teaching major to have holidays, summers, and weekends off. I think that picking a teacher with a high GPA will work out much better. The school system will have the ability to see what the that person has instead of what they do on paper.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog Post #5 Part 2

 Leslie's SymbalooAt the beginning of the semester, I created a PLN. My favorite PLN is Symbaloo, right now it is set up as my homepage and it makes it so much easier to get to the websites I love. I've had a Twitter for awhile now. Since I've been in this class, a lot of Educational pages have been following me and its a great opportunity to see what's going on through their pages. Symbaloo is a great way to have your personal and business websites right there together.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

C4T #4 Gwen Pescatore

Mrs. Pescatore talks about the 4 tools to improve communication between home and school. She explains that sending newsletters home to the parents would no longer work anymore. She expresses that she likes communicating with online and mobile tools. Blogs to maintain students progress, Social Media to see what's happening, Remind one way tool to reach out to parents, and Class Dojo a two way tool that focuses on the social-emotional aspect of the school day.

Leslie Evans  

Hi Mrs. Pescatore,
My name is Leslie Evans. I am a student at the University of South Alabama and majoring in Elementary Education. I love this blog post. I was actually thinking about the social media to keep in touch with parents and remind them when their child's assignments are due or coming up. Thank you for sharing this post! I'll look back at this for future references.

Hi Mrs. Pescatore, 

C4K Summary April

This week I had to comment on Treasure's Blog Post. She is a 7th grade student in Mrs. Lombard's class in Oklahoma. She talked about her testimony whenever she was practicing for cheerleading tryouts, and almost broke her neck. She's thankful that God was by her side through it all.

Leslie Evans (Guest)
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Hi Treasure, 
God is always amazing! I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself during tumbling practice. Just don’t over do yourself whenever you’re tumbling, Thanks for sharing!

This week I had to comment on Ira's Blog Post. She is a student in Mr. Gardner's class in Canada. She wrote a poem about a cat. She described what the cat does like meow and purring.

Leslie Evans (Guest)
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Hi Ira, 
Great blog post about cats. You described what cats do very well. Keep up the good work!

This week I had to comment on Keavon's Blog Post. He is a student in Ms. Thomas' class in Georges, MD. He talks about how he would like a lot of money and become famous one day.

Leslie Evans (Guest)
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Hi Keavon, 
Great blog post! Who doesn’t dream about becoming famous and have a lot of money. Keep up the great work!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blog Post #13

Technology and Sign Language assignment is about learning sign language with technology. As you all know, sign language can be used as a second language. This assignment I would like the students to learn more about it and be put in their shoes. This is the only way for them to communicate for deaf and hard of hearing to understand. Technology can be used with this as well, but it seems like now technology is getting in the way with it. There are apps on the phones and tablets to start off as a beginner. Before downloading any sign language apps, read these articles.